Office workers now spend the majority of their waking hours staring at screens. Unfortunately, few of us are aware of the visual biases and behavioral patterns that influence our thinking when we’re on our laptops, iPads, smartphones or smartwatches. The sheer volume of information and choices available online, combined with the ease of tapping “buy,” often make for poor decision-making on screens.

In The Smarter Screen, behavioral economist Shlomo Benartzi reveals a toolkit of interventions for the digital age. Using engaging reader exercises and provocative case-studies, Benartzi shows how digital designs can influence our decision-making on screens in all sorts of surprising ways.

It’s easy to lament all the ways the online world leaves us confused and distracted, forgetful and frazzled. This book is not about those complaints. It is not about how smartphones make us stupid. Instead, it's about how screens can be designed to make us smarter. Drawing on the latest research on digital nudging, Benartzi reveals many important solutions and tools that can improve our digital lives.